FLEET - EC120B Colibri






EC120B Colibri

JAR 27, FAR 27 and ICAO compliant, the EC120B emphasizes safety, speed and comfort while minimizing its impact on the environment.


Both versatile and affordable, this turbine-powered helicopter is ideal for all types of operations, including:


It seats 4 passengers with ease and is equipped with energy absorbing seats, a crashworthy fuel system and exceptionally low external noise levels - making it ideal for missions in sound sensitive areas. Winter ops ready, this aircraft provides year round service delivery.



Click HERE to view a comparison between the EC120B and the Bell 206.



Aircraft Safety Features Include:


  • SkyTrac Systems (web-based aircraft satellite tracking system) and satellite phone
  • High Visibility MR Blades
  • Pulse Light System


Aircraft Operational Equipment Includes:


  • Medevac Capabilities
  • Tanis Pre-Heat System and Engine Covers
  • Cargo Hook
  • Additional Storage
  • Air Conditioning
  • Music Port and Programmable FM Radio (2 VHFs)


Number of Company aircraft: 1




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