FLEET - AS350 B2 (Astar)






AS350 B2 (Astar)

Known for its versatility and performance, the AS350 B2 (ASTAR) is ideal for a wide range of aerial work operations, including: Oil & Gas Support, Forest Fire Management, External Load Work and Aerial Inspection & Surveillance.


Its spacious and unobstructed interior seats 5 passengers + gear comfortably while optimizing visibility for all those on board. Medevac capable, our AS350 B2 is outfitted for winter operations, providing reliable year round service delivery.



Aircraft Safety Features Include:


  • SkyTrac Systems (web-based aircraft satellite tracking system) and satellite phone
  • Chelton Glass Cockpit
  • TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System)
  • HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning System)
  • High Visibility MR Blades
  • Pulse Light System
  • Advanced Strobe Lighting System



Aircraft Operational Equipment Includes:


  • Medevac Capabilities (quick install litter kit)
  • Tanis Pre-Heat System and Engine Covers
  • Cargo Swing
  • Squirrel Cheek Cargo Pods
  • Cargo Basket (up to 250 lbs)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Music Port and Programmable FM radio (2 VHFs)


Number of Company aircraft: 1




For more information, please contact us at:


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